Legal Brothels Victoria

Why choose legal brothels?

Why Should I use a Legal Brothel?

Legal brothels are safe, discreet and provide a better working environment for girls.


Sssh! Club Hallam is a respectful, private and above all, completely legal brothel. Discretion and your privacy is paramount and will always be our top priority.

You are safe

You are not at risk. Our clients are safe from prosecution & most importantly safe from the spread of disease, viruses or STI’s. We insist on regular health checks.


We are a fully licensed, legal brothel. We strictly adhere to the laws, rules & regulations stipulated by the B.L.A. You are paying for premium service.

Protect women

Almost 2 million women are exploited as sexual slaves. By supporting illegal brothels you might unintentionally promote sexual slavery.

Proud Supporter of E.R.O.S | The Adults Only Association

Legal Brothels Victoria

The legal exchange of sex services in a legal brothel or relaxation establishment not only helps reduce exploitation of women, it helps reduce the amount of violence, rape and diseases that are too often a sad and disastrous reality for women involved in illegal sex services. You are actually protecting yourself from the law and potential health risks whilst reducing violence against women, exploitation and human trafficking of women in Australia.

We respect your privacy

Club Hallam is a respectful, private and above all, completely legal brothel. We value our clients’ anonymity, privacy and safety.

How am I safe?

A legal brothel provides safety in the form of proper health checks to prevent the spread of viruses or diseases as well as protection from prosecution. This means our clients and our girls are free to practise fun, healthy sex acts in a comfortable and private environment. All participants are properly cared for and at all times safe.

What makes a brothel legal?

A brothel is deemed legal if they are licensed by the BLA – and they adhere to all rules and regulations outlined by regulatory authorities.

Club Hallam is a licensed, legal brothel

You should ask your preferred establishments to provide their SWA Number; all brothel establishments’ must register with the BLA and obtain an SWA number to comply with Victorian laws. We strictly adhere to all laws as outlined by the BLA:
BLA Website
Licensing and Registration
Scarlett Alliance (Vic Laws)