First time visit

We just love first-timers

First timer’s guide

Visiting a brothel for the first time is a breeze

Are you considering using an adult entertainment service but just not sure what to expect?

We have compiled the ultimate first-timers guide to answer your questions… Our services are completely discreet and you can meet all of our beautiful ladies 100% obligation free. We want to make your experience as joyful as possible.


Upon entering Club Hallam, you will be greeted by our professional, courteous receptionist and led into a private room. You will view a short video showcasing different services, prices, offerings (including membership discounts) and what constitutes a standard service. Soon, our ladies will introduce themselves. 18 years is the minimum legal age requirement to visit a brothel in Victoria.

Meet our ladies

The ladies will enter the room one at a time and introduce themselves. You may ask them about extra services they provide if you are interested.

After greeting our lovely ladies, you’re privately asked if one of our ladies is right for you. If not, you are under no obligation to stay; clients sometimes do not book and we just hope you will try again soon.

So your ready to make your first booking. No problem.

If you’ve decided you like one of our ladies, and you would like a booking, you will speak privately with our receptionist who will lock in your booking length and arrange your payment.

Your chosen lady will return and escort you into one of our cosy rooms for some hot, feverish fun

Keeping it simple

We like to keep our services simple, private and enjoyable and it is important for new clients to understand, they are under no obligation to choose a lady and you will learn everything you need to know before we let one of our ladies loose on you.

What is a standard booking?

A standard booking comprises oral sex (on you), and intercourse (safe sex with a condom). Condoms are always worn. Extras may be requested and depend on the ladies. It is best to ask about extras during the intro.


Clients are required to shower in the room, prior to the fun starting.


Our rosters are updated daily; making it is easy to find your favourite ladies to book again.

Memberships (100% Free)

Don’t forget to sign up for a club membership via our website. It is incredibly easy and you will start receiving special offers straight away.

Are you feeling nervous?

A lot of people are nervous or anxious about entering an establishment that offers sexual services. It is understandable that you would feel nervous. However, it is important to realise that we are professionals and we provide these services hundreds of times each week. You wouldn’t expect a doctor to be surprised by your runny nose right? So, why would one of our beautiful providers bat an eyelid because you are looking for some stress relief or sexual satisfaction. You would be surprised how many people in Australia pay for sexual services. Just like your car needs a service from time to time, a lot of men who prefer not to date, haven’t met a lot of woman, or simply can’t get enough of women period,  choose to maintain their sexual relief by visiting us. We are sure that after your first visit, you will be happy, relieved and planning your next encounter. Let our girls know that you are nervous, they like and trust shy, quiet gentlemen a lot more than brash, expectant & overbearing punters. You may even find they will battle for your attention.

Are you a virgin?

Believe it or not, our ladies enjoy spending time with Virgins. Typically a virgin is gentle, considerate and a nice guy. All of our ladies appreciate that a man’s virginity is special; and they will take care to make sure you have an enjoyable sexual encounter, the best possible outcome and that you leave with one ginormous smile on your dial.

Fresh out of a relationship?

It is certainly not unique that many men who have recently become single, frequent our premises. And, why wouldn’t they, it is understandable. Our ladies appreciate that you may have some mixed emotions about being with a different woman, and they will be as ready as you would like them to be. Meaning, if you would like a special GFE that is similar to the sexual experiences you enjoyed with your partner, then our ladies are willing, if you would like to try and get a bit frisky and spice things up a little bit, our ladies have got the remedy and they aren’t afraid to use it.

That’s it, not so scary right? For more details, visit our FAQ’s page.