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Brothel Work Melbourne

Looking for a great place to work?


Our ladies are well paid in comparison to other brothels or establishments in the area

Victorian law forbids us from advertising for Working Girls (Service Providers), but we can advertise for ancillary staff.


Victorian law forbids us from advertising for sex-workers. We can now legally advertise for managers and ancillary staff. However, we do recommend that BLA licensed Managers or those seeking to become a licensed manager (Reception work), should call the parlour of their choice & leave their details on file for such a time that a vacancy becomes available.
For ladies looking for brothel service providing establishments, we offer the following advice;

  • Ensure you are well paid in comparison to other establishments in the area.
  • Phone around & arrange a suitable time to drop in to your chosen parlours. Each parlour will have a different style & type of clientele, as well as working conditions & rules. Sometimes you may need to try a few different brothels or establishments before you find exactly the right place for you.
  • Most brothels or establishments will be happy to hear from you, they would most likely show you around & make you feel welcome.

Please call us if you have any questions or are looking for a great place to work.

What should I look for?

Well paid
Safe environment
Friendly staff and managers
Flexible work schedule

Driver wanted

Would you be interested in being an on-call driver who can pick up and drop off Club Hallam patrons? Looking to earn a few bucks?

If you have your own neat and tidy vehicle, and feel that being involved with Club Hallam sounds like more fun than delivering pizza, reach out to us. We are looking for someone who is friendly, personable and well spoken. Driver’s must have an open schedule and be available at short notice.

If this sounds like you, please email us via

So we know you are human … 3 x 3 = ?

Club Hallam has Melbourne's best brothel discounts

The Best Value Brothel in Dandenong & Melbourne's South-Eastern Suburbs: SWA:7687B

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Mon-Wed 10am–4am
Thurs-Sat 10am–5am
Sunday 10am–2am
Closed Christmas Day

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